Parent courses

Our parent courses and workshops are open to ALL parents of children aged two to 11 years and are free to parents living in Hertfordshire. They cover a range of topics affecting daily family lives. Courses are run by our founders, Francine and Lesley, and offer a welcoming, supportive environment in small, interactive groups.

Over the past 17 years, 95 per cent of our parent attendees would highly recommend our services to other parents.

To discuss commissioning Families in Focus’ Train the Trainer programmes for our CAN Parent certified, evidence-based, award-winning training courses, please email and

Sleep solutions

Proven evidence-based, behavioural approach is designed to help families get a better night’s sleep. Work with Francine and Lesley both Sleep Therapist’s privately to help everyone get a good night’s sleep

Parenting with empathy

A proven therapeutic approach to parenting designed and delivered by founders, Francine and Lesley, to increase positive family communication to manage behaviours that challenge. No current funding

Handling anger

Funded by Hertfordshire County Council and free to attend, this six session CANparent Quality Award, evidence-based course is for parents living in Hertfordshire and parenting children from 5 to 11 years looking for ways to better handle anger in the home.

I now understand that the way I reacted didn’t help my children’s anger!

I now have the right techniques for me and my children and the whole house has calmed down.

I didn’t always understand my child’s feelings and now I can see things from his point of view through his eyes and we are all calmer and happier and enjoy being together and have much more fun times now