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Sleep Success

Sleep Success

Enabling families to get a good night’s sleep


Francine & Lesley – The Sleep Ladies

Francine & Lesley are pleased to announce that we are qualified and experienced to run the Sleep Tight accredited and evidence-based programme. We are passionate about bringing parents together and we pride ourselves on being compassionate and respectful of parents and recognise the uniqueness of every family. We are dedicated to work in partnership with parents and families. We share our wealth of knowledge with clarity, sensitivity and energy mixed with an infectious sense of fun.

When a child doesn’t sleep well it can impact the whole family. Sleep plays a vital role in physical, emotional and mental well-being and impacts learning and behaviour. 

Our kind gentle holistic approach gives you and your child the skills needed to maintain a life time of healthy sleep.  Our course aims to support your and your family to make positive changes to sleep. 

 We are highly effective facilitators and skilled in offering effective sleep support that is safe and based on the latest research:

We use a behavioural approach to sleep and our course will provide you and your family:

  • Understanding the stages of sleep and the impact of sleep deprivation on children’s behaviour, learning, health & mood of whole family.


  • Identifying & understanding the causes of children’s sleep difficulties including sensory hypo/hyper sensitivities.


  • Understanding and managing sleep disturbances including nightmares and night terrors


  • Strategies to manage common sleep issues Positive Parenting: establishing a positive, sleep inducing bedroom environment and routine to aid self-settling and healthy sleep.


Sleep Tight Solutions is a 4 x 2-hour session

Sleep Tight Solutions ASD & ADHD 6 x 2-hour session 

“I have endorsed all course materials to ensure they are accurate and promote best practices around sleep” Dr Heather Elphick – Sheffield Children’s Hospital sleep clinic 

Quotes from parents who completed our course in 2018 

My daughter now sleeps through the night for the first time ever. She concentrates more at school her behaviour has improved and our stress levels have halved. Fantastic course!

We had tried everything to get my child to sleep and exhausted – this course changed all this and he now self-settles. 




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