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Terms of Business

Families In Focus CIC responsibilities:

  • We will carry insurance  to include Professional Indemnity £5 million (any one incident) Public Liability £5 million (any one incident) and employers liability  £10 million (any one incident)
  • All staff and Associate team members will be vetted to satisfy national Safeguarding Children Regulations and NAPP Guidance for Best Practice in Parenting Support i.e. all have had enhanced CRB checks completed and documented within the last 3 years.
  • We will provide professional support and guidance to our team facilitators, volunteers and associates and supervisory management of any issues arising from the project/ course.
  • We will consult with our Customers in order to select suitable material for the project but reserve the right to be flexible and responsive to the needs expressed by our shared client group (course participants).
  • Where possible projects/ courses will be evaluated by us using the most appropriate evaluation tool. Reports of evaluation results will be sent to our Customer’s named representative.
  • We are registered with the Data Protection Agency and all records and data will be collected and reported in accordance with the law. Participant details will be kept only for administrative purposes directly relating to the project/ course attended unless written agreement from the participant has been obtained.
  • We will supply monitoring data as agreed in our Customer’s contract so long as this is compliant with our legal duties regarding data protection.
  • We will respect participant confidentiality with the exception of concerns regarding Safeguarding Children where Families In Focus staff will fully comply with national and local Safeguarding Boards.
  • We reserve the right to set a maximum number of participants depending on target group, materials used, where specifically requested by our Customers or we deem necessary, we will conduct a timely risk assessment of venues proposed by Customers and reserve the right to renegotiate delivery if the venue fails to meet our health and safety requirements.
  • We put safety of participants and staff as a priority, and therefore reserve the right in cases of Force Majeure to delay or reschedule a project/ course. Should events beyond our control arise demanding this response we will consult fully with our Customer’s representative.

Customer responsibilities:

  • Our Customer is responsible for identifying the target group and location for service delivery.
  • The Customer will consult with Families In Focus to identify the participant needs but the detailed project/ course approach will be the responsibility of Families In Focus in order to satisfy the participants’ needs.
  • The project/ course content, materials and course name remain the intellectual property of Families in Focus CIC and cannot be replicated or used by the Customer without prior consent from Families in Focus.
  • The Customer is responsible for identifying, negotiating and booking venues at least four weeks prior to the project/ course commencing, and payment of venue fees, unless prior agreement by both parties.
  • The Customer will be responsible for venue liabilities, such as damage to the property or injury to participants resulting from faults with the venue unless these can be directly attributed to negligence or wilful acts by Families In Focus staff.
  • The Customer will be responsible for publicity, advertising and filling courses unless prior agreement by both parties.
  • Minimum and maximum numbers of places on the project/ course are to be agreed with Families In Focus prior to project/ course beginning.

Terms of payment

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT or any other tax.

  • Once booking is confirmed, cancellation will result in compensation of 50% of the full fee or if cancelled less than 15 working days before the project/ course commences the full fee will be charged.
  • Projects/ courses cancelled, postponed or suspended past the commencement date will be liable for full fees.
  • Invoices will be issued by Families In Focus and contain a @ no later than@ payment date.
  • We request prompt payment of invoices (within 14 days of receipt or by date stated on Booking Contract) and will charge an additional 10% of the total cost of the Booking Contract if payment is not received by the date stated on the Booking Contract and/or invoice.
  • Our quotation is valid for one month from date of issue after which a re-quotation may be necessary.


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