Current parent courses

All of our courses are free to parents living in Hertfordshire, and are run by us – Francine and Lesley. We offer a range of topics to help parents to navigate the challenges of daily life.

Over the past 17 years, 95 per cent of our parent attendees would highly recommend our services to other parents.

All our courses are being run online via Zoom.

To discuss commissioning Families in Focus’ Train the Trainer programmes for our CAN Parent certified, evidence-based, award-winning courses, please email and

2024 courses

Handling anger in the family

FREE 6 Week Handling Anger in your family (with primary aged children) for parents living in Hertfordshire via ZOOM (free downloadable app)

If you have a child with Autism or ADHD (inc awaiting assessment) please book on our specialist course called Handling anger in your child with Autism and/or ADHD

This CANparent quality mark course is for parents of primary aged children, and provides practical and proven techniques to reduce angry meltdowns in your family. The very popular, effective and award winning course offers:

  • Gain greater understanding of how anger and other emotions live in your family
  • Increase your understanding of triggers that cause angry outbursts
  • Learn healthy anger management strategies for children & parents to reduce angry outbursts
  • Discover creative ways to support children to ‘let go’ of anger safely
  • Gain effective empathic communication techniques to reduce angry outbursts
  • Meet and share experiences with other parents living in a similar family to your own
  • How to raise confident & resilient children
  • Helpful handouts each week



April 15th 22nd 29th May 13th 20th

Parents need to attend all sessions and live in Hertfordshire

More courses coming in May 2024

Parents need to attend all sessions and live in Hertfordshire BOOK NOW! SPACES AVAILABLE!

Parent feedback February 2024

This course has made a positive impact on my whole family, I am calmer and my family is calmer. I have learned about my reactions and easy simple strategies that work.”

It has been fantastic to reflect on how I can become a better parent and transform my family life and I am so much more confident and understand my children so much more and we enjoy having fun together now.”

Fantastic course and feel much more empowered & confident as a parent now and my children are much happier and less meltdowns

Parenting with empathy

A proven therapeutic approach for parents of children aged three to 11 years, to increase positive family communication to manage behaviours that challenge, reducing behaviours that challenge and building your family’s emotional wellbeing.

  • What empathic listening is and how and why it builds strong attachments in families.
  • Encouraging families to build a positive emotional language when managing anger and/or ’emotional traffic jams’.
  • Using Empathy to set clear expectations and boundaries to enable children to feel safe.
  • Delivered by trained and experienced facilitators, Francine and Lesley with over 20 years of personal and professional experience that is shared calmly, with clarity and in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.
  • Parents must be prepared to attend all sessions and live in the designated areas.

Funded by the Lottery from May 2024!

3 x 2 hour sessions available to book soon