SEND support

Francine and Lesley at Families in Focus are passionate about supporting parents of children with autism, ADHD and inclusive of neurodiversity. We are ‘experts by experience’ with over 17 years of experience of delivering our award-winning, evidence-based, therapeutic courses. Our courses provide an opportunity to meet other parents in small, safe, friendly groups, whilst increasing knowledge and understanding of your family’s needs. Our courses are funded by Hertfordshire County Council and therefore free for parents living in Hertfordshire. Families in Focus has been awarded number one provider for SEND parenting courses by Hertfordshire parenting commissioners.

Our award-winning courses are free to parents living in Hertfordshire. Francine and Lesley deliver award-winning therapeutic courses such as the Complete Guide to Parenting Children with SEND – the ideal starting point for parents new to SEND. Handling Anger of Children with Autism or ADHD for those with a diagnosis or on assessment pathways.

Over the past 17 years, 96% of parents attending our courses would highly recommend our services to other parents.

“Each week I took away nuggets of really useful links and information that has helped our family to become calmer. I didn’t think
anything could really help and in felt really low but I can see light at the end of tunnel and looked forward to every week.”

SEND courses

Our award-winning courses are free to parents living in Hertfordshire. Francine and Lesley deliver therapeutic courses such as the ‘Complete guide to parenting children with SEND’ – the ideal starting block for parents new to SEND; and ‘Handling anger in children with Autism and/or ADHD’ for those with a diagnosis or awaiting assessment.

Social media support

We have a busy, engaged and supportive following of SEND parents who, along with our experienced team, are always on hand to offer support, advice and friendship. We also curate a closed Facebook group of SEND parents who support each other and offer advice, shoulders to cry on and laughter.

I came away with some really good practical ideas of ways we can support my daughter and even this morning I was able to give her some additional space and time because I could see the opportunity where I never had before.

Thank you so much again, the work you do is so valuable to families like mine and I really hope I can join you for some more courses in the future.